We like to direct our attention to unifying thoughts, feelings and deeds.  So for your attention, we are presenting here positive people doing positive things.  We will focus attention on the one character for nine days, then turn our focus to another individual for another nine days.

If you know a person that you feel is worthy or would benefit from the positive attention please let us know.

So for the next nine days we will focus our attention on


The insightfull founder of, Safika Organic Health Centre. Kwame was born in the lush caribbean island of Jamaica, in the 1950's; raised by beautiful parents and a tight community of country side farmers.  Kwame quickly became familiar with the different types and uses of the abundant vegetation.

Leaving the hills of Jamaica behind as a teenager Kwame embarked on a journey to the white cliff'd shores of the island known as Britain.  The reception given to Kwame upon arrival was indicative of the years to come, the weather was cold and so were many of the inhabitants.  None the less with the spirit of the maroons coarsing through his being Kwawe stood up with others against sickening racism, love less but thought full tyranny and repressive oppresion.

Deeming it necessary Kwame study the martial arts as well as his books while at the same time, being no stranger to hard labour he worked earnestly for financial renumeration. 

Kwame soon realised, at his own cost that if he didn't get the herbs, fruit and vegetation he was accustomed to, then his days within the British Isles would be sickly and few. The relentless striving for his natural sustenance has culminated in him establishing trade links with farmers and traders on the sunny island of Jamaica as well as the motherland, Africa.

Having secured for himself good health stimulating foods and products.  He turned around with the eye of a Rasta and the heart of a lion and proceeded to assist those around him, who were in need of foods and products compatible with their genetic make up.

After many a twist and turn we find ourselves at the present day, where Kwame is now assisting one and all with their desire for good health. This is being accomplished through the one stop health shop and centre called Safika Organic Health Centre. 

Safika Organic Health Centre enscapulates the ethos Kwame has lived his life by which can be summed up as 'Your health is your wealth'.